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Tuesday, September, 8th Fabness How To's

We all love Instagram. How fun would it be to have a small wall mural of 12×12 canvases of your favorite IG shots?
Follow this quick and easy ‘how-to’ for printing your images. Its so easy!

1- Choose which size you’d prefer.


2- On the left hand side, select the Instagram icon. You’ll need to allow us to access your Instagram images.
Then simply select your image! fabsquare1

3- Once your image is uploaded it will look something like this. *Image credit Kym Ventola Photography.fabsquare2

4- The next two images show how you can select to print your image normally, in black and white, or in a sepia tone.


5- Next you can choose a wrap color for your canvas. You can stick to a basic black or white; or you can have the image be part of the wrap area. You can choose from tons of different colors!


6- NOTE the ‘Canvas Wrap Area’. This view is exactly how your canvas will print. What you see is how the image will print and the wrap area will be whatever color you’ve selected. Takes away all the guessing! You know exactly what your canvas is going to look like. You’ll notice there are arrows as well as ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs for you to zoom in and out on your image. Most images upload to the appropriate size for print.


7- Once you are happy with your image, hit ‘Add to Cart’. The next screen that pops up will be below. Make sure to add in any codes or coupons you may have! Then click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.


8- This is the final step! You’ll enter in all your shipping and payment information and select your choice of shipping. EASY!


We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. We all know you have some killer traveling photos from your Instagram to print or fun family photos from your summer adventures. Happy printing and be sure to connect with us online!

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